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Welcome to Access!

Here, you can find out what Access does and how important it is to underrepresented kids across the UK.

Without Access, Oxford (and other prestigious universities across the country) would not have a high level of diversity and intelligent, passionate students from poorer backgrounds would not have the same opportunities to unleash their talent and do great things as they currently do.  This is what makes volunteering within Access schemes so rewarding: it inspires and teaches young people that they can reach their potential, despite various economic and social obstacles.

One of the main aims of Access is to eradicate the Oxford stereotype; to do this, enthusiastic and down-to-earth volunteers are needed to help out with various University and College Access schemes.  These events include: open days, college tours, school visits, and mentoring – all of which welcome enthusiastic volunteers, regardless of background.  All these schemes will be updated on this page and college-wide Access events will be communicated in bi-termly newsletters.

Volunteering with Access is truly an amazing opportunity, open to all. I really allows you to inspire and build the confidence of intelligent young people who feel that attending a good university is simply for the elite and, consequently, is out of their reach. See below for ways that you can help!  

Access Ambassadors

Pembroke JCR are seeking to recruit a group of students to support the Access Rep with JCR access work. The plan is to give the group free reign to select their own projects and work on them over the year! Alongside these projects we have social media accounts that need updating, and tour groups that need leading so please do apply! If you want further information do get in touch with the Access Rep.


Open Days

The University, colleges and subjects all have specific open days throughout the year.  Usually these take place in June/July and September.  Lots of enthusiastic volunteers are needed for these events; for more information, check out the link above.


The UNIQ Summer School

UNIQ is the main University Summer School and recruits volunteers throughout the summer vacation. Year 12 Students are given a week studying an Oxford Degree with Reading Lists and Tutorials. Application forms are available later in the year.


Target Schools

Target Schools is a university-wide Access programme which aims to give state-school Sixth Formers the chance to experience a day in the life of an Oxford undergraduate. They run shadowing mornings throughout the year, these being hosted at different colleges around Oxford, and which are followed by events detailing the nature of study and social life here at the university.



IntoUniversity are a charity that work from a centre in East Oxford providing tuition and mentoring to students from challenging backgrounds. Students help as both Mentors and Academic Support Tutors. Mentors are allocated with a mentee and meet them weekly, doing fun and beneficial activities! Academic Support tutors help with students struggling with homework and other school work.


Project Access

The non-profit Start-Up "Project Access" was by founded students here in Oxford. They want to live in a world where passion and potential – not socio-economic background – define a young person’s future. Project Access focuses on three activities to achieve its goals: a MENTORING NETWORK, a KNOWLEDGE BASE and ON-CAMPUS SUPPORT. Students can help by becoming mentors or applying to be a part of the central team, and help with anything from social media, systems design, fundraising, AI, communication, recruitment or working for a country team. 


Schools Plus

Schools Plus facilitates University student volunteers to deliver weekly tutoring sessions to pupils at local schools. Each project is specific to the individual needs of the school and pupils involved. The projects have been carefully crafted, together with the teachers in the schools to tackle the needs of their pupils. The overall goal is to raise the academic confidence, interest and attainment of the pupils, tackling educational disadvantage in Oxford. Education in the UK is not fair- the amount that you family earns has a huge impact on the grades you achieve. We want to change this! We partner with schools in Oxford where there are a high proportion of pupils on Free School Meals, who have English as a second language and have special educational needs.