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At Pembroke, you can live in college accommodation for all three (or four) years. Freshers live on the main site, second years tend to live in the New Build, and finalists usually live in the college annexe, the GAB, a five-minute walk away.


We have room bands - A is the cheapest band of room, and they increase in price up to F, the most expensive band of room.

The pictures below feature a sample of some of Pembroke's rooms. Don't worry which one you choose —they're all great!

Band A

These are Pembroke's cosiest rooms. Although Band A rooms are on the smaller side, there's plenty of room for your desk, bed, chairs and all the stuff you've dragged to college. There is a sink in each room, whilst bathrooms & showers can be found close by.

Band B

Band B rooms are slightly larger than Band A rooms. All Band B rooms have a sink, and are near a bathroom and shower.

Band C

These are the largest non-ensuite rooms in Pembroke.  Like Band A and B rooms they all have a sink, and are close by to a bathroom and a shower.

Band D

These rooms are all around the same size as Band B and C rooms, but they have an ensuite bathroom.

Band E/F

These are the largest and grandest rooms in Pembroke. They all have ensuites and have plenty of space for anything and everything you may have brought with you.

They're the same except for the fact that Band F rooms boast a double bed as well.

New Build

In late 2012, our brand new wing of college was finished! It houses lots of second-year and graduate students, and our café, auditorium, meeting rooms and art gallery. 


The rooms are mainly D band, and are modern and full of good storage solutions, just like IKEA.

Geoffrey Arthur Building (GAB)

Finalists and postgraduates have the option to live in our annexe. Second and third years also have the choice to live here. It is about a 5 minute walk away from the main site, and it overlooks the river.


The rooms are all C band, and the contracts are for 38 weeks, meaning that you don't have to move your stuff out at the end of each term (a massive plus). 

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