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Art @ Pembroke

"Art can be enjoyed in so many ways at Pembroke. The more hardcore art enthusiast might be a regular at life class or enter into one of the competitions, but for me, the nicest thing about art here is that it is not limited to these more niche activites. Simply by walking around college you get a taste of the vast and beautiful JCR Art Collection on the walls, you can visit the Art Gallery to take a break from work, and even if you do not take part directly, it's wonderful to be able to celebrate and encourage your fellow students. Plus it's a good ice-breaker in Freshers'!"

--Emily Allison, JCR Art Rep 2012 - 2013


Art is a large part of life at Pembroke.  There are so many opportunities to experience art on many different levels, from life classes subsidised by JCR money to the chance to borrow some art work from our extensive collection to hang on the wall of your room.  It is a aspect of college life unique to Pembroke, and is open to all levels of talent.  Enthusiasm is key!


The JCR Art Collection is expanding to include artwork from its students in all forms.  There are also plenty of opportunities to have artwork published in the Bullfrog magazine.  This is a fantastic chance to show off the talents of the student body outside of academia.  There are also many prizes throughout the year for art and photography competitions.


The Art Gallery was opened in Trinity Term 2013, and is the permanent location of many of our art pieces.