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The Pink Times

Pink Times is a Pembroke publication, published twice a term, by and for the students.  It's a chance to catch up on what's going on around college, ranging from sports, social events, to art competitions - and more! 


It's also a fantastic opportunity to enter into the world of university journalism.  There will be calls for submissions for each edition, where there is no need to be coy - this is your magazine! 




Below we have set out a constitution to set the tone for Pink Times:




Pink Times is intended to showcase and promote the friendliness and inclusivity of our college community here at Pembroke.  The key objective is to celebrate the achievements of all those within Pembroke, be that in academia, sports, art competitions or Pembroke societies.  


We will also include columns from those on years abroad to keep those of us in Oxford updated on their work and life, as well as contributions from the MCR and from recent Pembroke graduates to illustrate what life after Pembroke can entail.  


This publication will therefore encourage inter-year and inter-Common Room communications, and will work in tandem with the main college website regarding years abroad and graduate contacts. 


It will also act as a channel to advertise opportunities to students such as competitions, the Telethon and Open Days, as well as being a key material for promoting admissions to Pembroke at Open Days and Interviews. 


Another aim is to tie this magazine in with Pembroke JCR’s other social media outlets, for example ‘Snapchats of Pembroke’ and ‘Pembroke Compliments’, to emphasise the all-embracing, welcoming community that Pembroke is.  


This publication is intended to be a break from academic reading, but by no means a distraction.


Pink Times will:

- maintain at all times a sense of inclusivity and positivity

- showcase a range of students, achievements and news

- aim to shed light on the lives of year abroad students and graduate students, as well as undergraduates

- bear in mind at all times the wider aims and concerns of the College


Pink Times will not:

- include gossip

- contain vindictive or damaging content 

- aim to cause offence to anyone

- place an explicit emphasis on alcohol consumption when reports on or photographs of social events are included




Michaelmas 2015