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Rowing is by far the most popular sport in Oxford with well over half of all freshers at least giving it a go during their time here. Pembroke is one of the strongest Boat Clubs in Oxford, often sitting at Head of the River. We have a fantastic track record with cultivating talent, whether you have never rowed before or have been rowing for years. We all train together, learn together and encourage one another. Last year Pembroke put nine boats on the water at Summer Eights, from Division 1 to Division 6, which just goes to show that our rowing community is all- inclusive and welcoming. Rowing is a fun and rewarding sport that you can be sure will be worth your time, especially with the roar of 10,000 people cheering you on at Summer Eights, one of the largest rowing spectacles in the UK. Whether an experienced athlete, keen novice or curious observer, Pembroke College Boat Club welcomes you to join our thriving community! 

After Christmas, training changes to focus on bumps racing. The aim is, on the signal of a cannon being fired, to row your boat fast enough to hit the crew in front of you, whilst not being hit by the crew behind. If you hit the crew ahead then you move up in the start order for the next day and they move down. The aim is to get the highest finish position at the end of the week, whether that means aiming for “blades” by hitting the 4 crews ahead of you, or trying to row over at the “Head of the River” – top of the top division. Torpids runs over 4 days through 7th week of Hilary term and Eights, the premier event of the Oxford season, 5th week of trinity. 

Of course, rowing is not all about the training. We have an excellent social scene ranging from crew-dates to post-regatta dinners and the yearly Pimms Party.  PCBC really does have something for everyone so we look forward to seeing you down at the boathouse sometime this year. Don’t hesitate to us if you have any questions or want to get involved.


For more information you can contact the following people or visit the PCBC web pages: 


President: Edward Rolls - edward.rolls@pmb.ox.ac.uk

Women's Captain: Molly Hall - molly.hall@pmb.ox.ac.uk

Men's Captain: Kieren Wachsmuth - kieren.wachsmuth@pmb.ox.ac.uk