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Meet the Committee

Peter Corti


Hey, I’m Peter and I am the incoming JCR President for next year. When I started studying at Pembroke, becoming President was probably the last thing I expected, but in realising how passionate I feel about issues like access and mental health I was motivated to get involved as much as possible in student life at our college. I’m excited to tackle the issues surrounding living costs, particularly because I have benefited throughout my life from generous access programs like the Lloyds Scholarship. I know it can be daunting to apply to somewhere like Oxford, but there’s no reason to make that task any more difficult for people coming from different walks of life. I hope to bring about the change that will even out the playing field for everyone and to lead the JCR towards a thrilling new term! 

Harry Deacon


Hi, I’m Harry Deacon, a second year Economics and Management student at Pembroke. I ran for the position of VP because I want to help make Pembroke an accessible, inclusive, diverse and enjoyable place for all. My ideas centre around increasing transparency and continuity, with greater links between college governance and the JCR to better understand decisions made. On a practical level, I’m looking forward to reforming guest formal sign-ups and exploring opportunities for secret ballot voting at JCR meetings as well as international access. Above all, I can’t wait to get started and be part of a JCR committed to enhancing life at Pembroke for all.

Emma Lewis


Hi, I’m Emma Lewis and I’m a second year studying Law with French Law. I chose to run for JCR Secretary because I thought it would be a great way to get more involved in Pembroke life. During my term, I’m hoping that I will be able to continue the work of our current Secretary by helping to ensure that every member of the JCR is kept up to date on motions that pass during meetings and also any events going on in Pembroke and the university generally - I hope that this will make sure that everyone can feel involved in college life. I’m looking forward to getting started, working with the other JCR reps and trying to make Pembroke the best it can be!

Enri Sopoti and Tom Blake


Hey guys! We’re Enri and Tom, second years studying Economics & Management and Maths respectively, and we are you Treasurers for this year. We’ll be managing the budget and accounts for the JCR this year as well as deciding how much is spent in each area of Pembroke life such as Access, Welfare and Fresher’s Week. We are in charge of the levies and reimbursements of JCR members which you may need throughout the year. If you have any question regarding any of these, or just finance in general, we’ll be more than happy to help, either by handling the issues ourselves

or putting you in contact with the relevant person. We hope you all have an amazing Freshers Week and a great first year! 

Clare Hornby, Belinda Dow, Alex Lunnon and Samuel Pontings

Welfare Reps

Hey guys, we’re Clare, Sam, Alex and Belinda, second years studying Medicine, Psychology, History and Biology respectively and we will be your Welfare Reps this year! As Welfare Reps, we are always available for a chat about any worries or issues you’re facing, simply send one of us a message and we can arrange a time to meet in or out of college. All conversations are completely confidential, and we will be able to signpost you to any further resources you may need. We all receive Peer Support training during first term, which means we will be trained to give advice on many aspects of mental and sexual health. We are also in charge of providing free welfare cookies, tampons and condoms which can be put discretely in your pidge (the in-college mail system). We are very excited to be part of making the college community as inclusive as possible and to help continue to open-up the conversation surrounding mental health. Look out for all our events throughout the year, from weekly walks and JCR in the JCR (Just Chill and Relax in the JCR, featuring free food, yum!) to therapy dogs and much more. Here’s to a great year!

Sophie Lewis

Access and Social Backgrounds Rep

Hey everyone! I'm Sophie, your Access and Social Backgrounds Rep. I feel everyone has the right to an Oxford education, regardless of their socio-economic background. Coming from a state school in South Wales and benefitting from the Moritz Heyman scholarship, I want to tackle issues of inequality in Oxford. I aim to make Pembroke as accessible, inclusive and friendly as it can be! I’m looking forward to working with college to organise access events and of course to take over the JCR Instagram page.

Julie Kier and Alek Tymula

Entz Reps

Hey Freshers! We are Julie and Alek, second year French & Philospohy and E&M students, and we will be your Entz Reps for 2019/2020! Throughout the year, we will work together to provide you all with a wide range of super fun activities. From BOPS (Big Organised Parties - Pembroke College parties) to pub quiz nights in the college bar and game nights in the JCR, we will do everything in our power to make

your first year at Oxford incredibly fun! Whether you want to have a drink or not, we have come up with some great things you can do during Freshers’ week and we will be around all week, and on the nights out, to be friendly faces you should all feel comfortable approaching. We are here to ensure that everyone finds something exciting to do and to keep you all feeling safe as well! Throughout the year, keep an eye out because we will be organising ticket/wristband distribution for club nights, BOPs, and more. 

Freya Hanley

Domestic and Environmental Affairs Rep

Hey I'm Freya and I'm a second year English Language and Literature student. I ran for the Environmental and Domestic rep role because we have 11 years to limit global overheating to below totally catastrophic levels. I've spent too much time freaking out about it and so it's time I did something about it. 

Ryan Fincham

Disabilities and Student Carer Rep

Hey, I’m Ryan, and I’m your Disabilities Rep! I’m a second-year law student and my role is to ensure that students with disabilities can achieve their full potential whilst studying at Pembroke. This involves making all aspects of college life as accessible as possible as well as making sure that Pembroke always has the relevant support in place for students who need it. As part of this role I will take any disability-related concerns that you may have to the higher-ups in College, as well as being able to point you towards the excellent resources available from the University’s Disability Advisory Service (DAS), as well as the various support groups run by the Student Union. I will also

be keeping everyone updated with university-wide events relating to disability, but above all I am here to make sure you feel welcomed, respected and heard as part of the college community, and to give advice wherever it is needed – please do not hesitate to reach out with any queries or concerns you may have. 

Jack You

Academic and Suspended Students Rep

Hi! I'm Jack and I'm your JCR Academic Rep Elect. I ran because I care about the academic welfare of all JCR members: whether you're a fresher starting your 1st assignment or a finalist revising for Final exams, I want to ensure you're set up to maximise your academic potential. My main roles as Academic Rep will be to communicate the academic concerns of students to college and to coordinate individual subject reps. Next year I look forward to running more study skill sessions and career events in college, as well as to organising lots of Big Fat Quizzing.

Miv Segal


Hi, I'm Miv, a second year Theology and Arabic student and your LGBTQ+ rep for this year. As LGBTQ+ rep, it's my job to, organise LGBTQ+ events in college and keep everyone updated on university-wide events. I know that coming to university as an LGBTQ+ person or as someone who is questioning their identity can be both liberating and terrifying, so I hope to make sure everyone feels welcome at Pembroke. If anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ (or is questioning and has any problems), I’ll be available to give advice, point you towards useful resources (like the university’s

Rainbow Peers peer support scheme), and raise any issues you have with college. I’m also responsible for Pembroke’s Pride flag, which I hope will be flying again this year for LGBTQ+ history month.

Rashma Rahman


Hi, I'm Rashma, your Racial and Ethnic Minorities (REM) Rep (and also the First Lady to your JCR President xx)! I'm a second year History student. I ran to be REM rep because I want to ensure REM students are remembered and represented in all aspects of JCR. My main focus is to make Pembroke a more welcoming environment for minority groups and to celebrate the amazing range of ethnic diversity across college. I am closely linked to the religious and cultural societies close to my identity, I want to support you in finding yours, so please speak to or message me about any queries you have! 

Connie Kissock

Gender Equalities Rep

Hello everyone! I’m Connie, a second year History student and your Gender Equalities Rep for the upcoming year! I feel really passionate about intersectional feminism and making students feel comfortable to engage in discussions on gender issues, and this is why I decided to run for the position. I’ll be holding sessions for Pembroke’s feminist society, Peminists, and hope to discuss lots of interesting topics throughout the year. In Freshers’ Week my main role will be organising important workshops such as one on consent, and I hope to see lots of new faces then and as the year progresses! Do come to me with any queries or simply for a chat - I look forward to meeting you all!

Boris Festa

Sports Rep

Hi! I'm Boris, a second year studying engineering and I'm your sports rep for this year. I'm in charge of anything sports related at Pembroke, which means I organise sports events, look after equipment and oversee the sports budget. We have a number of sports teams here in college including rugby, netball, football and many more. You can find more information on the Pembroke JCR website, but if you have more queries about how sport works at Pembroke feel free to email me.

Anna Maria and Samuel Hopkins

Music & Drama Rep

Hiya, we're Anna and Sam, studying History & Italian and Music respectively, and we're your Music & Drama Reps for this year. We'll be in charge of bringing as much music and drama into your college lives as we can, so come get involved in anything that takes your fancy! Look out for Open Mic Nights, Pembroke Arts Week, Drama Cuppers, Karaoke Nights, and, of course, the amazing Pembroke musical, alongside notices about what you can involved with around Oxford. Feel free to reach out to either of us if you'd like to know a bit more.

Sneha Ramshanker and Cansu Uyguroglu

International Reps

Hi! We are Sneha (India/Poland/US) and Cansu (Turkey), second years studying Physics and Experimental Psychology respectively. We are your international reps for this year which means we are here for all things international! First yer can be tough for everyone, especially if you are hundreds of thousands of miles away from home and you need to adjust to a culture you are not used to. As your International Rep, we will try to make and make sure you have access to all the resources you may need so that you can make the most out of your time in college! We will always be available for a chat even before you or once you are in college so please don't hesistate to get

in touch. We are always here to answer questions, whether you want to know about how to make a Bank Account or learn about Oxford's quirky and unique traditions. Our role also involves being at hand for visiting students for the first few weeks and we hope to organize some fun events for everyone to enjoy the fun side of Pembroke Life from early on! You can email us at if you have any questions! We are super excited to meet you all in October!

Skye Bork

Visiting Students Rep

Hi! My name is Skye Bork and I am a visiting student from Columbia University studying PPE here at Pembroke. As the Visiting Students rep I am looking forward to advocating for the particular needs and interests of the diverse visiting population. Being a new student can be both exciting and stressful and I hope to make the process as smooth and fun as possible. I look forward to bringing many of our own university traditions to the college, and learning all about Pembroke's!

Maggie Wang

Oxford SU Rep

Hello, everyone! I'm Maggie, a first-year History and Economics student, and I am your SU Rep for this year. SU is the Student Union, Oxford's student government, and its membership includes undergraduate and graduate students from across the university. SU works with the university's governing bodies on short- and long-term initiatives such as access schemes, sustainability projects, and support for student clubs and societies. SU also serves as a link between Oxford students and other student bodies in the UK. As the Pembroke JCR's SU Rep, I attend meetings of the SU's Student Council, where I uphold the interests of the Pembroke JCR and work to improve student life at Oxford.

Lily Westcott

Art Rep

Hi, I’m Lily, this year’s JCR Art Rep. I’m a second year studying History and English. I love getting people involved in art, and think it’s a fun hobby or interest that often gets left behind when people go to uni. I will be organising art events in college that will be fun and accessible for all abilities and interests. We are the only Oxford college with our own gallery and collection, so it’s an amazing chance to make the most of it - whether that be by our art loans, life drawing classes or termly exhibitions.



Immy Brown

Freshers' Week President

Hi everyone, I’m Immy, a 3rd year English student - I was this year’s Freshers’ President, which means that I’ve been in charge of organising your Freshers’ Week! I’m not *technically* on the committee, but I’ve been here to ensure you settle in and have as much fun as possible here in your very first week at Pembroke. If you have any questions about moving in, Freshers’ Week, or anything else more generally please get in touch - I’d love to chat. Hope you had a fantastic first week!!

Neetu Singh

Publications Rep

Hey, I'm Neetu, a second-year English Language and Literature student and I'm your Publications Rep! I update and maintain this JCR website, organise JCR magazine subscriptions, and liaise with the college archivist to keep Pembroke's archives updated. My main role is editing and producing the Pink Times (the college magazine) It's great to get fiction and non-fiction pieces, photos, and ideas (e.g. an agony aunt passage) from the whole JCR, so don't hesitate to get in contact if you'd like to contribute! I also have a YouTube channel ('Neetu Singh') where I chat about my experiences at Oxford so be sure to check it out!

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