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Pembroke has a very active JCR, and the bi-weekly Sunday meetings are always well attended.  We are also a very wealthy JCR because of the Art Fund, which allows us to comfortably meet the needs of students and also subsidise some activities that the whole JCR can enjoy, such as water fights and bops.


At meetings, we discuss everything from college food to buying new pool cues.  Meetings are lead by the JCR Vice-President, and committee members are also required to attend every meeting.  The rest of the JCR are free to attend the meetings they would like, perhaps if a particular topic interests them or if they have submitted a motion.  A motion is essentially a topic of discussion with an end goal, which could be to mandate a particular committee member to talk to college about an issue members are unhappy with, or for the JCR to purchase something which could potentially benefit anyone.  Motions are discussed at a meeting and then voted on, with a majority in favour passing the motion. Food and drink is also provided at each meeting, paid for by the JCR.


The JCR is responsible for a number of things, including student welfare, which is a co-operation between college staff and students. JCR committee members also sit on various college committees to ensure student voices are heard when decisions are made.  We have a lot of influence in college because it is known that our meetings are popular and the committee members are well respected.


Every term, Pembroke JCR increases its coiffers by batteling its members.  Each budget within the JCR is battelled separately, and there is always the chance to opt-out of any of them.  However if more people contribute, then there will be more money to spend next term, and the overall cost to each member will be less.  None of the charges are very much!  These are known as JCR levies.


Pembroke JCR is apolitical, meaning that we do not vote on political matters in OUSU, the university Student Union.  However, in other matters concerning the university we do vote, and the decision of which way our OUSU representatives vote is determined in JCR meetings prior to OUSU sessions, and the representatives will vote to reflect the opinions of the JCR.