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Meetings & Motions

How is the JCR run?

When you arrive at Pembroke as an undergraduate you are automatically a member of the JCR. This means that you can benefit from the JCR’s social, charitable and sporting events, pastoral support, art fund, travel grants and much more! To allow all this great stuff to happen, students pay a small levy every term, which sometimes changes according to the amount the JCR spends. To opt out of this, contact the Treasurers.

The running of the JCR is prescribed by the Constitution, a ‘living document’ which outlines the obligations of committee members and how meetings should be conducted.

How can I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved in the JCR is to simply turn up to a meeting! These are held from 20.30 on the Sunday of odd weeks, and every week in Trinity term as we elect new members to the committee.

During meetings, we discuss the motions put forward by JCR members. This is how we amend the Constitution and propose projects that need funding.


When you are proposing a change or project, it can be phrased into a ‘Private’ or a ‘Constitutional’ motion.

A ‘Private’ motion is usually the proposal of a project or an event, sometimes requiring funds that the proposer wishes the JCR to cover. Make sure that you include a spending cap (the intended money from the JCR) and that you have a seconder (a member of the JCR supporting the proposal).

The deadline for Private Motions is 19:30 the Friday before the meeting.

A ‘Constitutional’ motion is a proposed change to the Constitution. Again, it needs a seconder. Constitutional motions require two readings; one agreeing for it to be discussed at a meeting, and one for the actual discussion to take place.

The deadline for Constitutional Motions is 19:30 the Wednesday before the meeting.

All motions are emailed to the Secretary (isabel.troth@pmb.ox.ac.uk) and are phrased as follows:

This JCR notes … (a problem/proposal)

This JCR believes … (why this is bad/needs changing/is a great idea!)

This JCR resolves … (your solution/constitutional amendment/fabulous idea/event…)

+ spending cap if necessary

Proposed by…(you)

Seconded by… (a friend)


Charity Ballot

There is a charity ballot held in the second JCR meeting of every term. The deadline for nominations is the Wednesday before the meeting, same as the deadline for the submission of Constitutional motions (19:30). All nominations need a proposer and seconder, and are emailed to isabel.troth@pmbox.ac.uk. Proof is needed that the organisation is a charity, usually by including the Registered Charity number.

The nominations are then read out in the meeting. There is a vote after each nomination to enter it into the charity ballot.

Members then vote online (anonymously) for their preferred charity.

The Treasurers allocate part of members’ levies each term accordingly.