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Who's Who at Pemb

There are lots of important people in Pembroke and sooner or later you’ll get to know them.  Here’s a quick run down:


Lynne J Brindley – Master

As head of the college, the Master greets all students and parents at lunch on the first day and you will also be invited for drinks at her lodgings so she will soon be a familiar face.


Nancy Braithwaite – Academic Director

Nancy Braithwaite is the tutor in charge of admissions and academic affairs. She’ll be there at your academic reviews along with the Master. She also keeps track of your academic progress and achievements.

Jeremy Bennett – Bursar

Responsible for financial matters and major projects.  He also liaises with the sports teams.  


Mike Naworynsky - Home Bursar

The Home Bursar is responsible for the financing of your college day-to-day life, including matters of Hall and maintenance.  You can contact him directly, or his secretary, Jane Richmond. 


Clive Siviour – Dean

Dealing with all non-academic disciplinary matters, the Dean is someone you probably don’t want to encounter too soon. He is, however, generally responsible for student welfare.


George Klaeren (GAB) and Julie Dequaire (main site) – Junior Deans

As graduate students, the Junior Deans support the Dean in overseeing student welfare and disciplinary matters. They are the first major point of contact in the case of a student emergency at night.

Andrew Teal – Chaplain

Andrew is a tutor, fellow, and our College chaplain. Certainly one of the best people to turn to in College with any personal concerns or welfare issues, Andrew must be one of the friendliest and kindest people in all of Oxford. The hours he is available in College are posted on the Chapel notice board in the Porter’s Lodge. You can also email Andrew at andrew.teal@pmb.ox.ac.uk.

Steve Capper – Head Porter

Steve knows everything there is to know about the ins and outs of this college. He can help you with almost any question you might have.


Jane Osborne – Accommodation Manager

The person to contact about any issues relating to your room; for example, if you need to extend your stay before or after term-time or you have a question about your scout.

Victoria Mills – Nurse

In college for a few hours every weekday, her hours are displayed on the door of her office and emailed around too.

Laura Cracknell – Librarian

There is a full-time librarian on hand for any queries you may have. She can also help you to renew books.

Simon Thomson – IT

Co-ordinates the Pembroke IT system, he or someone else in the IT Team is readily available to help you with any computer or internet-related problems.


Camilla Romaine – Academic Registrar

Camilla works closely with the Academic Director and co-ordinates all academic administration.   You can speak to her about anything regarding your course, including special arrangements for exams or welfare issues.


Lynn Wilkinson – Deputy Academic Registrar/Student Support Advisor

Also found in the Academic Office, you can talk to Lynn about any concerns you may have, especially if you find yourself in financial difficulty.


Josie Cobb – Tutorial & Graduate Administrator

Josie organises collections, academic reviews and, eventually, your degree conferral.

Kirsty Simpson – Admissions &  Access Officer

You will probably already have already had dealings with Kirsty during the interview process. She often asks for volunteers for access initiatives and for showing prospective candidates around college.